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That’s right! Following some recent decisions I have decided to change some key aspects of the story.

These changes will be mainly impact Sophie, Jessie and Mike and will change their early interactions to better improve the story and tie in closely with some of the new lore that was added later in the story.

The changes are as follows

  • The Dream sequence in the Castle will be re-done with no mention of Mike.
  • Sand Tower Battle – Mike will no longer take part in this fight, instead being replaced with James
  • Mike’s First Interaction with Jessie in the Sand Tower changed
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Now that the site is up and running, you may encounter some bugs.

Please report them here on on the Discord.


Thanks 😀

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It has been decided that Origin Of Destiny: Crimson Awakening is getting a complete overhaul.

This means going through the entire project, cleaning up the story/dialogue and re-working the maps.

More news will be coming soon, but the whole opening area is one of the first places that are getting re-done!


I have decided to pull Moving Day from the Discord Game Store and indefinitely postpone the release of future games on this platform. All games will still be available on steam and I am looking to distribute games on this site as well so stay tuned. 

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As we did in the last time, lets start off with what an official description of Satisfactory.

Satisfactory is a first-person open-world factory building game with a dash of exploration and combat. Pioneering for FICSIT Incorporated means charting and exploiting an alien planet, battling alien lifeforms, creating multi-story factories, entering conveyor belt heaven, automating vehicles, and researching new technologies.

At FICSIT inc. you will take part in the Save the Day program, providing short-term solutions for long-term problems, possibly with the help of your friends.

This game  was created by Coffee Stain Studios.

The best way to think if this is Subnautica on land and mix in some Factorio. 
You start the game with nothing but a few tools and the ability to build the Hub. You must explore the are to find the resources to build the Hub and other tools/buildings that will help you build an automated factory.

This game is in early access and does have a few bugs. I personally had a Crash to Desktop and encountered a few audio issues. But the game was fun to play and definitely worth playing. 

WARNING: This game may lead to you pulling an all-nighter. Just make sure you don't have work/school the next day.

Rating: Overall I am going to give this game an 8/10. There is room for improvement and I'm sure that i'll be updating this once it's fully released! 

Thanks to Coffee Stain Studios for providing me a key for this game!

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Social Media Links are now available on profiles! 

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First of all, what is Spellbreak? 

Well... it's another Battle Royal Game, but before you throw it in with all the others let me tell you the twist. It's nothing like the others! Yes it as an ever-shrinking circle and it's last player/team standing that wins. But this game focuses on Magic!

That's right! It's Harry Potter Battle Royal, well sort of. 

Officially, Spellbreak is a PvP RPG set in a ravaged fantasy world filled with elemental magic and emergent gameplay.
Starting from nothing, players loot, choose upgrades, and defeat enemy players to become the ultimate battlemage.
In the world of Spellbreak, you assume the role of a Breaker, a magically gifted outcast who has come to the Hollow Lands to take as much power as you can and get out. 

Let's review the Official details about the game!


● Be a Battlemage - Assume the role of a powerful battlemage in fast, action-packed
combat, dodging spells, and destroying your foes.
● Outplay the Competition - Draw upon many different spells, each with their own
strengths and drawbacks, to outwit and out-skill the competition.
● Magical Combinations - Magic interacts in explosive ways. Freeze elements to climb to
new locations. Blow up poison clouds to create Dragonfire. Master all of the hidden
knowledge or you will fall behind your opponents.

RPG Systems

● Gear that Matters - The Hollow Lands are littered with the weapons and equipment of
previous fallen Breakers and with relics from a war ages past. Each piece of gear affects
you differently, granting access to new and unique powers.
● Skill Choices - As the match progresses, you will choose from dozens of skills. Each one
drastically increases your power level, unlocking a variety of build options to help you
survive the Hollow Lands.
● Multiple Classes - As you play, unlock more classes to add to your character.
● Stay alert, if you want to survive - Each time you arrive in the Hollow Lands, the
treasures, the elements, and the storms themselves will be different.

Unique Art Style

● Spellbreak is a world of unique vision, with stunning, cel-shaded environments and
dynamic characters.
● Magic is not only fun to use but powerful and impressive to behold.
● Environments and backgrounds feel painterly and impressionistic but are also
well-suited for fast-action gameplay.

So Now you know all this, what is the game actually like?
Well, it is in a Close Alpha state so as expected there are a few bugs and performance issue, especially. These issues have been around since the time I played while under an NDA and honestly, that's fine.
As long as they smooth out these rough edges this game has a high chance it will succeed. The gameplay is fun, the skills feel great to use and the battles are intense.  

When you start the game you select 2 classes that you take through the game and evolve to make you even stronger and, unlike other games in the genre, you do have a starting weapon of sorts. 
Yes, it's a very weak magic attack, but if you get into trouble at the start of the game you can use it to push an enemy out of the area so you can try to find a Gauntlet and some gear.
Think of it like your melee, except once you have 2 Gauntlets equipped you don't use it.
Each Gauntlet has a primary fire (Right or left click, depending on the hand it's equipped on) as well as a Special (Eg a Tornado for the Wind Gauntlet).
And just like they said, these skills can be combined to make even stronger attacks. (I like Fire Tornado personally)

Oh, and yes,  Gauntlets have rarity levels to from Common to Legendary, and the rarer they are, the stronger they get. (And they cost more MP)

Unlike games with guns, there is no ammo in this game. Instead, you have Mana or MP.
All skills pull from the same MP Pool and once you run out you have to "Recharge" for a second.  It's a bit like overwatch, Unlimited ammo, but you still need to reload.

As well as Classes and Gauntlets there are other items in the game that will help you get stronger and improve your skills.
Yes, there are potions for HP and Shield. But also Boots, Runes, Necklesses, and Belts, each adding buffs or abilities to your character, such as Feather Fall, Faster Movement Speed and even Invisibility.

Finding the right combination for you might take some time but it's definitely worth it. 
I Personally go for Pyromancer as this has a one-off 50% HP Insta-revive, and scavenger to get better loot for chest.
Then I try and find a Fire and Wind set of Gauntlets, and get Feather Fall Rune, but there are loads more epic combos!

So if you're looking for a fresh game in the Battle Royal Genre then you should definitely check this game out. 


You can apply for the Closed Alpha over at

This game also has Founder packs, so if you like this game and want to support it you can, and you can even support me at the same time by using creator code CLOUDTHEWOLF in the epic store.

I would give this game a solid 7/10 with it definitely being able to reach a 10 if it keeps getting better. 



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Support Class: Scout!


Scout class


The Scout class is Spellbreak's first support class and it has some really unique skills for those of you who are looking to give your team a helping hand:


    • Foresight: See upcoming shrine locations.

    • Invigorate: Every 3 seconds, increases your and your nearby teammates' sprint speed by 15/20/25% for 4 seconds.

    • Shot Caller: Decreases your spell damage by 30% but increases damage done to targets from any source by 15/20/25% for 3 seconds.

    • Tracking: Targets you hit are outlined for you and your team for 2/4/6 seconds.

Additional New Features

    • Class leaderboards: The leaderboards now include a breakdown by class.

    • Exile count on the in-game HUD: Now you can see how many players you've exiled during a match.

    • The Fracture: The Hollow Lands are no longer surrounded by water, but by a sea of clouds.

    • Deadmoss redesign: The region was fully overhauled, including the Castle Bogmore and Deadmoss areas.

    • Voice chat and mouse option improvements: Check your settings!

    • Party in the lobby!: Your teammates now appear with you in the main menu.

Everything Else

For the full patch notes check out .19 official release notes on the Spellbreak subreddit.

Check out Spellbreak here 

Also, use code CLOUDTHEWOLF in the epic store to help support me as a content creator!

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