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Been a while since I posted, been busy with the rework of the LegacyRP MDT and updating the DSharp Plus Scaffolding project :)
This script is an Addon for DoctorTodd's Autosave.It improves on DoctorTodd's Autosave by making it use the last slot and not updating the Save index. If using MOG - Monogatari, this also hides the auto-save slot from the Save screen.
A fix for Compatibility Issues between DoctorTodd's Auto Save and Khas Ultra LightingDisclaimer: I know there used to be an official addon by Khas, however this is no longer available. This script is intended for those that already have the Khas Ultra Lighting script and wish to use DoctorTodd's Auto Save. I can not say how similar to the original Khas script this is, and will not be providing the Khas Ultra Lighting system.If you do not have Khas Ultra Lighting then there are alternatives such as Khas Amazing Lighting or Victor Engine Lighting which are freely available at the time of writing.
Something I recently wanted to add to my project was Event sounds that get louder the closer you were to them.I found ways to do this in Event functions using regions, however this felt clunky and a pain to implement, so I turned to scripts. I couldn't seem to find any that would work so ended up having to make my own. After a lot of trial and error I managed to get it working with as much functionality as I could and thought other might want to have a similar system in their games.All it needs is your event to have the following comment block:[sound "SOUND_NAME" max_volume min_volume range]​Eg[sound "Fire​​​​" 80 30 8]
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A Simple RPG Maker MZ Script that allows you to toggle the visibility of "Always Dash", "Command Remember" and "Touch UI"‍ ‍ ‍ ‍